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Description New York Mysteries 1

New York Mysteries 1 Bonus Walkthrough: You are stuck on a puzzle in the thrilling new bonus chapter of New York Mysteries 1? Look no further than our comprehensive walkthrough guide. We’ll help you navigate every challenging scene as detective Laura James with step-by-step solutions, clues for difficult puzzles, and tips to unlock every hidden object. With our expert New York Mysteries 1 bonus walkthrough, you’ll breeze through this immersive adventure game and masterfully unravel the mystery of 1950s New York.

What is New York Mysteries 1: Secrets of the Mafia – Bonus Chapter?


New York in 1955 was a dangerous place. The mafia had seized control and was ruling through fear. But a new, even more terrible force has emerged in the city. Over the past week, five mafia bosses have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. At each crime scene, a strange liquid and a butterfly were found. Even more troubling, children started vanishing throughout the city. Each of the missing kids had drawn identical butterflies before their disappearance. These bizarre events have forced both detectives and journalists to launch investigations into the cause.

As players embark on the bonus chapter of New York Mysteries 1, they will need to utilize their powers of observational skills and detective work to uncover the truth behind the unsettling happenings. Stepping into the role of detective Laura James, gamers must explore the city, find hidden clues, and question witnesses to piece together the puzzle. With an intriguing storyline and an immersive journey through the underground city, mystery enthusiasts will be drawn into this dark and captivating world.

Created by Five-BN Games, this object adventure title provides challenge and excitement for mystery gamers. As the latest release in the popular New York Mysteries series, this bonus chapter provides a new tale for fans to explore.

Gamers looking for immersive adventure games that test their sleuthing skills will find hours of enjoyment in uncovering the secrets of the mafia in New York. Download the game today and begin your journey into the city’s dark heart, illuminating the truth behind the bizarre disappearing acts plaguing its citizens.

New York Mysteries 1 Bonus Walkthrough

For mystery enthusiasts seeking guidance through the game, a comprehensive bonus walkthrough is available. This guide assists players in navigating through the twists and turns of the narrative, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial details. Discover New York Mysteries 1 Bonus Chapter Walkthrough now!


  • Walk left.
  • Collect the ELECTRICAL TAPE (B) and FLASHLIGHT (C)
  • Walk forward.
  • Talk to Bishop (D).


  • Retrieve the KEY (E).
  • Take the BOWL (F).
  • Walk down.


  • Employ the KEY to unlock, securing the SAW (G).
  • Use the SAW on the wood (H), you receive the PLANK.
  • Walk down once again.


  • Place the PLANK on the gap (I).
  • Acquire the KNIFE (J) and CROWBAR (K).
  • Use the CROWBAR on the stones.
  • Collect the MOON FIGURINE (L), then inspect the note.
  • Go to the Hall.


  • Utilize the KNIFE on the string, obtaining the ANGEL FIGURINE (M)
  • Walk forward.
  • Use the KNIFE on the bag (N) and employ the BOWL to retrieve the FOOD.
  • Walk down.
  • Give the FOOD to the dog (O).
  • Grab the KNITTING NEEDLES (P) and LEVER (Q).
  • Walk down twice.


  • Install the LEVER on the controls and activate it by pulling the levers (R).
  • Employ the FLASHLIGHT on the statue to initiate a mini-game (S).


  • Solution (T).
  • Walk forward twice.
  • Talk to the man (U).


  • Play the puzzle, solving it with the solution (1-2).


  • Resolve the puzzle with the solutions (3-4).


  • Find the solution for (5-6).


  • Determine the solution for (7-9).
  • As a reward, you obtain the LADDER.
  • Use the KNIFE on the window.


  • Go through the window (V).
  • Collect the CAGE (W) and WRENCH (X).


  • Move the cushion, and take the KEY (Y).
  • Use the KEY on the drawer, and take the BELT (Z).
  • Examine the wall (A).
  • Go to the Square.


  • Apply the LADDER to the clock (B)
  • Open the clock to obtain the MOON FIGURINE (C).
  • Walk down.
  • Employ the WRENCH on the mechanism, acquiring the HANDLE (D).
  • Examine the mailbox for a mini-game (E).


  • Solve the puzzle with the solutions (F-I).


  • Find the solution for (J-M).


  • Determine the solution for (N-O).
  • Read the letter and take the FIRE SYMBOL (P).
  • Move forward to progress in the game.


  • Place the FIRE SYMBOL on the plaque for a mini-game (Q).


  • Solve the mini-game with the solutions (R-U).
  • Go through the door.


  • Acquire the RAKE (V).
  • Employ the KNIFE on the bag, obtaining the PIECE OF COAL (W).
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Apply the HANDLE to the mechanism (X) and turn it.


  • Collect the OIL (Y).
  • Walk forward.
  • Use the OIL on the lock (Z).
  • Open the door.


  • Play the puzzle, solving it with the solution (1-3).


  • Discover the solution for (4).


  • Resolve the puzzle with the solutions (5-8).


  • Determine the solution for (9).
  • Your reward is the GRAIN.
  • Return to the City Entrance.


  • Offer the GRAIN to the bird (A).
  • Employ the CAGE on the bird to obtain the PARROT IN CAGE.
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Give the PARROT IN CAGE to the man (B), you receive the CAT DISK.
  • Walk down.
  • Place the CAT DISK on the lock for a mini-game (C).


  • Solve the mini-game with the provided solution (D): Cx3, B, Cx2, B, C, B, Cx2, Ax4, B, Cx4, Ax2, B, Cx4, Ax4, B, Cx4, Ax2.
  • Go through the door.


  • Collect the PICTURE (E).
  • Take the MOON FIGURINE (F).
  • Use the KNITTING NEEDLES to take the MOON FIGURINE (G).
  • Utilize the RAKE on the screen to collect the VALVE (H).
  • Go to the Boiler Room.


  • Apply the VALVE to the pipe (I) and turn it.
  • Try to take the oars (J).
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Collect the BARREL (K).
  • Walk down.
  • Pick up another BARREL (L).
  • Go to the Boiler Room.


  • Place the 2 BARRELS under the shelf, and take the OARS (M).
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Install the OARS on the boat (N).
  • Go forward.


  • Play the puzzle, solving it with the provided solution (1).


  • Find the solution for (2-4).


  • Determine the solution for (5-6).


  • Resolve the puzzle with the solutions (7-10).
  • Your reward is the HAMMER.


  • Utilize the HAMMER on the tar to obtain the OBJECT IN TAR (O).
  • Go up the tower.
  • Apply the BELT to the rope (P).


  • Collect the ROPE (Q).
  • Move the carpet, and examine the door for a mini-game.
  • Solve the mini-game with the provided solution (R).
  • Acquire the MOON FIGURINE (S).
  • Walk left.


  • Take the PINCERS (T).
  • Employ the ROPE on the stone and collect the ROPE WITH STONE (U).
  • Walk down.
  • Use the ROPE WITH STONE on the chandelier.
  • Obtain the STONE TABLET (V).
  • Walk left.
  • Place the STONE TABLET on the door for a mini-game (W).


  • Solve the mini-game with the provided solution (X).
  • Move to the right, then up.


  • Move the cloth, and use the KNIFE on the wax (Y).
  • Go to the Square.
  • Inspect the clock for a mini-game.
  • Solve it with the provided solution (Z).
  • Acquire the PAGE WITH SYMBOL (A).
  • Go to the Boiler Room.


  • Open the furnace and place the OBJECT IN TAR on the coal.
  • Use the PINCERS to obtain the MOON FIGURINE (B).
  • Go to the House.
  • Place the PICTURE on the wall for a mini-game (C).


  • Solve it with the provided solution (D).


  • Collect the STONE FLOWER (E).
  • Go to the Balcony.
  • Install the STONE FLOWER on the statue and acquire the MOON FIGURINE (F).
  • Go to the Office.
  • Place the 7 MOON FIGURINES on the desk for a mini-game (G).


  • Solve it with the provided solution (H): 2: E-L, 1: E-K, 2: F-M, 1: G-M, 2: B-1, 1: A-F, 2: A-G, 2: F-M, 2: E-L, 1: E-K, 1: E-M.
  • Walk right.


  • Collect the LONG RULER (H).
  • Employ the ELECTRICAL TAPE on the wires to initiate a mini-game (I).
  • Solve it with the provided solution (J).


  • Pull the lever (K).
  • Go to the Bell Tower.
  • Utilize the LONG RULER on the gap to collect the MOSAIC PIECES (L).
  • Go to the Lake.


  • Apply the MOSAIC PIECES on the mailbox to initiate a mini-game (M).
  • Solve it with the provided solution (N).
  • Read the letter and collect the TELESCOPE and FILM (O).
  • Go to the Meeting Hall.


  • Place the FILM in the projector, and turn it on (P).
  • Return to the Bell Tower.
  • Use the PIECE OF COAL on the table for a mini-game (Q).


  • Solve it with the provided solution (R).
  • Take the DIAGRAM.
  • Go to the House.


  • Move the rug, and place the DIAGRAM on the floor for a mini-game.
  • Solve it with the provided solution (S).
  • Take the RING (T).
  • Go to the Warehouse.


  • Place the TELESCOPE on the stand (U) and look through it (V).
  • Place the RING on the box for a mini-game (W).


  • Solve it with the provided solution (X).
  • Take the PAGE WITH SYMBOL (Y).
  • Go to the Meeting Hall.


  • Place the ANGEL FIGURINE on the podium to initiate a mini-game (Z).
  • Solve it with the provided solution (A).
  • Collect the KEYS (B).
  • Go to the Church.


  • Place the KEYS AND 2 PAGES WITH SYMBOLS on the organ for a mini-game (C).


  • Solve it with the provided solution (D).


  • Open the compartment and take the VACCINE (E).
  • Go to the Hall.
  • Apply the VACCINE on Bishop (F).

Congratulations! You have completed the game New York Mysteries 1: Secrets of the Mafia. If you want to enjoy more interesting adventure games, try New York Mysteries 2 or 3. The chilling tales and tantalizing puzzles keep getting bigger and better with each new game. Use your master detective skills to investigate more unsolved cases, including a ghost bride’s untimely demise and a series of strange abductions. The city awaits – are you ready to take on its darkest challenges and greatest adventures? Don’t miss out on the next chapters in the acclaimed New York Mysteries series!


In conclusion, New York Mysteries 1: Secrets of the Mafia combines a gripping storyline, strategic gameplay, and historical allure. With the help of our comprehensive New York Mysteries 1 bonus walkthrough, you now have all the tools needed to complete the bonus chapter of NY Mysteries 1. From tricky puzzles to hidden object locations, every scene has been covered so you can swiftly unlock each achievement.

If you’re ready to dive into the captivating world of New York Mysteries 1, look no further than For informational purposes, the website offers a seamless and reliable platform to download the APK for free. It’s your gateway to an unforgettable gaming experience. With an extensive catalog of adventure titles, APKHybrid offers Android gamers quick, safe downloads of their favorite games.

Happy gaming!


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