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Description New York Mysteries 3

New York Mysteries 3 bonus walkthrough: Embark on a thrilling journey through the vibrant streets of New York in the 1950s with “New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls – Bonus Chapter”. Join journalist Laura James on an unforgettable quest to solve mysterious disappearances and unveil the truth. The bonus chapter provides a few extra hours of gameplay and the chance to experience the rich environments of 1950s New York again. With multiple endings possible depending on the choices you make, excellent replay value is assured. For those who have completed the main game, the bonus chapter provides even more detective fun. This New York Mysteries 3 Bonus walkthrough guide will provide step-by-step instructions to help you make your way through this extra case with Laura James.

What is New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls – Bonus Chapter?


For all adventure enthusiasts, the release of New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls by FIVE-BN GAMES brings a thrilling new chapter to the popular hidden object mystery series. This adventure game promises an engaging storyline that will challenge your detective skills with hidden object puzzles and challenging tasks.

Set in 1950s New York, this immersive mystery game features an engaging storyline following journalist Laura James as she investigates the mysterious murder of a wealthy lawyer’s widow.

The core game takes players across various locations in New York as Laura gathers clues and pieces together what happened. With its stunning graphics, well-developed characters, and challenging hidden object puzzles, New York Mysteries 3 is a must-play for fans of the genre.

In the main game, you play as journalist Laura James, following clues across the city to solve a series of mysterious disappearances. In the Bonus Chapter, Laura finds herself embroiled in another investigation, searching for answers to a shocking murder.

Use your keen observational skills during the hidden object scenes. Look for any items that seem out of place or mysterious. In the lawyer’s study, pay special attention to the bookshelf, desk drawers, and paintings on the wall. Hidden clues abound!

You’ll need to complete tasks and puzzles to progress. This chapter has all the great gameplay mechanics fans have come to expect from the series. Keep an eye out for glints to find hidden object puzzles and manipulate items correctly to unlock doors and cabinets. Stuck on a puzzle? Use the hint system sparingly if needed.

The bonus chapter culminates with a journey even deeper underground to the catacombs. Laura finds a hidden shrine that finally explains the motive behind the widow’s murder. Pay attention to patterns and symbols as you uncover the shocking truth.

Throughout the bonus game, you’ll need all your seasoned detective skills to find critical clues and piece the mystery together. Take the time to search every nook and cranny of each scene. Discover even more about the intriguing characters from the main game.

New York Mysteries 3 Bonus Walkthrough Guide

For those seeking assistance, the New York Mysteries 3 Bonus Walkthrough is an invaluable resource. This comprehensive guide not only navigates players through the hidden object scenes but also offers insights into the challenging puzzles and important clues. As you progress through previous locations, the guide becomes an essential tool to complete tasks and unlock new aspects of the mystery.


  • Retrieve SOLVENT (A).
  • Walk forward.
  • Acquire INSULATING TAPE (B).
  • Move downward.
  • Choose option (C).


  • Utilize INSULATING TAPE (D).
  • Connect the wires according to the illustration (E).
  • Walk right.


  • Obtain BROOM (F).
  • Acquire RAG (G).
  • Combine RAG and SOLVENT to craft RAG WITH SOLVENT (inventory).
  • Employ RAG WITH SOLVENT (H).
  • Walk down.


  • Select 1-4, and take the KEY (I).
  • Walk forward.
  • Use the KEY (J).
  • Go right.


  • Take KNIFE (K).
  • Read the diary (L).
  • Move downward.
  • Utilize BROOM to secure HOOK (M).
  • Walk down.


  • Use KNIFE, acquire RECORD and ROPE (N).
  • Return to the Recreation Room.
  • Place the RECORD (O).


  • Select (1-10).


  • Lift the cushion, and use the HOOK to take the KEY (Q).
  • Combine HOOK and COILED LINE to produce STRING WITH HOOK (inventory).
  • Move downward.
  • Use STRING WITH HOOK to retrieve BOTTLE (R).
  • Unseal BOTTLE, extract IMAGE WITH HINT (inventory).
  • Select (S).


  • Place the IMAGE WITH HINT (A).
  • Rotate the discs as shown, and select the empty circle (B).
  • Take the GAFF and DEACTIVATOR.
  • Walk to the Prison Cell.


  • Utilize KEY (D).
  • Solve the puzzle to obtain HAMMER (E).
  • Proceed to the Main Hall.
  • Employ HAMMER (F).
  • Move forward.


  • Use the GAFF and ROPE (G).
  • Enter the manhole.
  • Take the LOCK PART (H).
  • Walk left.


  • Take the PIPE FRAGMENT (I).
  • Move the rocks, open the bag, and take the CAMERA (J).
  • Walk down.


  • Utilize PIPE FRAGMENT, and acquire OIL CAN (K).
  • Climb the rope (L).
  • Apply OIL CAN, and choose the turnstile (M).
  • Go right.


  • Use HAMMER, and turn the handle (N).
  • Take CROWBAR (O).
  • Use CROWBAR (P).
  • Solve the puzzle to obtain VALVE (Q).
  • Return to the Greenhouse.


  • Apply VALVE (R).
  • Move forward.
  • Acquire CHISEL (S).
  • Utilize KNIFE, open the case, and take FLASHLIGHT (T).
  • Travel to the Prison Cell.


  • Utilize CHISEL and HAMMER, read the note, and obtain HAND DRILL (A).
  • Go to the Recreation Room.
  • Apply HAND DRILL, open the desk, and acquire LENS (B).
  • Combine CAMERA and LENS (inventory).
  • Return to the Corridor.


  • Use CAMERA (C).
  • Place LOCK PART, and adjust the sliders as indicated (D).
  • Move left.


  • Acquire SHOVEL (E).
  • Use SHOVEL to obtain BELLOWS (F).
  • Take PLIERS (G).
  • Take TONGS and use BELLOWS (H).
  • Return to the Infirmary.


  • Utilize PLIERS, and turn the handle (I).
  • Move left.
  • Use TONGS to acquire KEY (J).
  • Select (K).


  • Place the FLASHLIGHT (L).
  • Select Mx9-Nx9-Ox6-Px7-Qx9-Rx4.


  • Take the CRANE MANUAL (S).
  • Go to the Hangar.
  • Select (T).


  • Place the CRANE MANUAL (A).
  • Select CD-BD-BE-BC-DE-BC-CE-BD.


  • Acquire the LEVER (F).
  • Proceed to the Boiler Room.
  • Install and select the LEVER (G).


  • Retrieve the EXTINGUISHED TORCH (H).
  • Move downward.
  • Employ the EXTINGUISHED TORCH to create the LIT TORCH (I).
  • Return to the Cryo Chamber.


  • Use the LIT TORCH and KEY, read the note, and obtain the HANDLE (J).
  • Head to the Underwater Tunnel.
  • Use and select the HANDLE (K).
  • Solve the puzzle to obtain the IMAGE WITH HINT (L).
  • Return to the Cryo Chamber.


  • Place the IMAGE WITH HINT (M).
  • Set the dial as shown (N).
  • Read the note, take the 2nd DEACTIVATOR PART and NITROGEN TANK (O).
  • Go to the Underwater Tunnel.


  • Utilize the NITROGEN TANK, and turn the valve (P).
  • Move forward.
  • Acquire the KEY, and use the KEY (Q). Remove the damaged tank.
  • Proceed to the Greenhouse.


  • Use the KEY to acquire the TANK (A).
  • Return to the Dock Station.
  • Place the TANK and use the KEY (B).
  • Select the tank.
  • You obtain the KEY.


  • Utilize the KEY (C).
  • Move left.
  • Acquire the VALVE (D).
  • Move left.


  • Place and select the VALVE, and take the PLATE WITH NUMBER (E).
  • Walk left.
  • Select (F).


  • Place the PLATE WITH NUMBER (G).
  • Adjust the numbers as shown (H).
  • Acquire the GEAR (I).
  • Move left.


  • Install the GEAR and pull the lever (J).
  • Open the door and enter (K).


  • Retrieve the BENT PLATE and FILE (L).
  • Acquire the SCREWDRIVER (M).
  • Return to the Underwater Tunnel.


  • Use the FILE to obtain the WELDING DEVICE (N).
  • Go to the Control Room.
  • Utilize the SCREWDRIVER, acquire the BATTERY and 3rd DEACTIVATOR PART (O).


  • Combine the DEACTIVATOR and 3 DEACTIVATOR PARTS (inventory).
  • Place the DEACTIVATOR (P).
  • Obtain the KEY (Q).
  • Travel to the Main Dungeon.


  • Place the BENT PLATE and press the button to acquire the METAL PLATE (A).
  • Go to the Bathyscaphe.
  • Place the BATTERY (B).
  • Install the METAL PLATE and WELDING DEVICE, and select the helmet (C).
  • Use the KEY (D).

Congratulations! You have completed the game New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls.

If you enjoyed New York Mysteries 3, don’t stop your detective adventure here! The New York Mysteries series offers even more hidden objects and puzzle adventures with New York Mysteries 2 and 4. With stunning artwork, clever puzzles, and immersive storytelling, each New York Mysteries game offers hours of mystery and suspense.

Fans of New York Mysteries 3 will love uncovering more fascinating tales from the city that never sleeps. Download New York Mysteries 2 and New York Mysteries 4 today and step into the shoes of an amateur detective, exploring exotic locations and uncovering hidden clues as you unravel these engrossing mysteries. With plots full of twists and shocking revelations, the drama continues in New York Mysteries 2 and 4!

Final thought

In conclusion, “New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls” offers an immersive and thrilling experience for fans of adventure games and hidden objects. The game’s challenging puzzles, captivating storyline, and well-developed characters make it a must-play for mystery enthusiasts.

As you navigate through the mysteries of 1950s New York, don’t forget to check out the comprehensive New York Mysteries 3 bonus walkthrough guide for a seamless gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned detective or a newcomer to the genre, the game’s engaging gameplay mechanics ensure a memorable adventure.

For those eager to unravel the secrets of the past, explore the world of download APK free via APKHybird offers a convenient and reliable way to access your favorite games, including “New York Mysteries 3: The Lantern of Souls.” Dive into the mysteries and let your detective skills shine!


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